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Get your heart pumping and body moving in this high intensity circuit style fitness workout!!

Be ready to Partner up for some fast paced pad work and heavy hitting on the bags. Combine this with body weight strength drills and lots of repetitions and become fit and strong before you know it!!

You will learn basic boxing drills and combinations while challenging your strength and cardio.

No experience needed, purchase your own pair of boxing gloves and hand wraps at the gym or bring your own to glove up and begin your boxing journey.

Session time – 45 minutes

Fit camp

8 weeks

8 week fit camp is a 1 on 1 conditioning program

with a trainer tailored towards each individuals targets and requirements. Program, measurements, nutritional information and diet advice plus more included

Session time: 60 minutes


Non-timetable class ***

Is a quarterly program that takes your strength and conditioning and mental focus and endurance to the next level!

This boot camp/ fight camp is designed to push you to the limit and to get you ready to step in the ring!

Incorporating a mixture of fight camp style routines and military training techniques.

This class is for those looking to step in the ring and also anyone wishing to challenge themselves like never before and experience the level of hard work and dedication it takes to be ready for a fight.

Only available for purchase during the month previous and limited to 20-30 people per camp.

T.R.G fight camp pass
3 x 90-minute sessions per week
Unlimited access to all classes

Junior boxing

This class is for children between 6 – 12 years

of age, open to boys and girls. It is a non-contact environment that will develop basic boxing skills, awareness, discipline increasing confidence all while getting fit and having fun!

Junior boxing can also be a stepping stone for those keen young boxers that wish to take their development further into amateur boxing.

Session Time: 45 minutes

Boxing Tech

Have you always wanted to learn how to box? Looking for something different to break up your workout routine? Get an awesome workout while mastering the fundamentals of boxing.

Develop and progress as you experience real boxing training and understand the sweet science of boxing.

Boxing tech progresses those with a basic level of experience and to those looking at developing their boxing ability for competition.

Talk to the Team at the gym if you are interested in Boxing Tech.

Session time: 1 hour


Sparring sessions are organized by availability depending on who is in the gym. If you’re keen to join in, let our coaches know you’re interested, and they will watch you in our boxing classes. When your ready, they’ll let you know it’s time to get in the ring! Sessions must be supervised and boxers must have all the protective gear (Available for purchase at reception).

fighters training

This is an invite only class for our Pro, Amateur, and Corporate fighters. If you’re wanting to have a fight and get into this class, you’ll have to first prove your skills in our other boxing classes. Have a chat with our coaches, let them know your goals and see if this is suitable for you.